Designers Carlo Leonardo Rosa e G-Experience Lab
Year 2014

what is it

The coloured crayons are one of our first expression of creativity, they are with us for express thoughts and for colour what we don’t like.
The soft pouff 
MATILDA  can be placed vertically or horizontally, she stand proud of herself and show us all her beauty in every pose.
Each piece comes with their own certificate of origin and warranty.

Technical description

Differentiated lift Polyurethane foam body.
Entirely hand-made processing.
Washable GuGom finish
Available in these colours:  White, Blue, Grey, Black, Purple, Fuchsia, Yellow Sun, Yellow Lemon, Orange, Acid Green, Pink, Red.

Size: H 50 cm xW 120 x P 60 cm
Weight: Kg 8

Each piece is issued with Certificate of Origin and Warranty. Produced in Italy.

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