Army chair

An innocuous tank that lost the R turns into a fun, comfortable, and large seat. Three versions of the crawler and armrest for four fabric customizations: Jungle, Desert, Urban and UrbanGlam or solid. The bidet / tank, optional and also ingeniously available, completes its comfort.



The exaggeration of the detail allows you to discover harmonious and enveloping forms on an unknown scale and the true harmony of everyday things.

g-experience poltrona Papì

Armchair Papì

Each one has its own armchair. The PAPÌ Armchair reminds us of the joy of the Disney world. Customizable with combinations of all colors in samples, images and texts and printable on one or more tops, the Papi Chair is a great classic of G-Experience.

Armchair papì colors

Armchair Papì Colors

The Line COLORS of PAPI’ leaves to each one the opportunity to choose the colours pairings between what we offer in our samples book. It is also possible to ask for a specific personalization with pictures and texts, printable on one or more patches.


Armchair Lavorare Lavorare

A 12 mt, 40 Ft height sculpture , realized for the city of San Benedetto del Tronto in Italy, and placed a few steps from the sea, in converting in the start point of these essential Armchair, that is pulling your imagination passing the daily routine.
The step forward of the futurism en the dynamicity of the shapes, are creating these armchair suspended in time.


Poltrona Sbrillocco

A perfect form of perfectly accurate geometries and known as the hardest material in the world gives itself to the man who sits and softly surrounds his body, exposing the centrality of the human being and the “richness” of the designer’s intentions.

green malachite

Poltrona GREEN

A rock of green Malachite emerged from the sea after an eruption forms a rocky flower wound by the waves that draw the seat and dig it, allowing it to also accommodate a living plant in the back as nature regenerates.

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