cioccosofa Gugliermetto


A forbidden dream in the shape of a divano in different sizes: from small sitting up to large sofa with or without armrests.


sofa Papì Colors - 3 seats

The Line COLORS of PAPI’ leave to each one the opportunity to choose the colours pairings between what we offer in our samples book. It is also possible to ask for a specific personalization with pictures and texts, printable on one or more patches.

g-experience sofa papi colors

Sofa Papì Colors - 2 seats

The COLORS in duo version of the PAPÌ sofa is the comfortable and fun solution for every space. In this case too, there is a wide choice of color combinations in addition to customizations with images, texts, and patches.


modular sofa Sväkkódivänó

A conceptual sofa to be made according to your own needs, moods and loves of the moment. The most informal of the proposals and the challenges is a cheerfulness of pillows, patches to combine them and with creativity.

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