Designer Alessandro Cagnoni – DM Gugliermetto
Year 2016

what is it

Military symbols transformed into peace messages.
An innocuous tank that lost every war wish transforms itself into a fun, comfortable, and large sitting.

Three versions of the track / armrest customize it to best express the individuality of the General who is sit over : choosing between Jungle, Desert, Urban and UrbanGlam or solid color.

The tank, also available individually, completes the relaxation

technical description

Differentiated polyurethane body.
Entirely hand-made
Aluminium frame and plate.
Seat in removable and washable fabric.
Armrest / Crawler Washable GuGom Finish.
Available in fabric category B – L.


Each of the three models is available in both fabric categories and in five color versions: Jungle, Desert, Urban and UrbanGlam or solid color.

Size: H 115 cm x W 123 x P114 cm
Weight: Kg 40

Each piece is issued with Certificate of Origin and Warranty. Produced in Italy.

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